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orient Reading is the best way to relax  and six minutes are enough to reduce the stress level by more than two thirds ,according to new research . Psychologists believe that if the distraction is being taken into a literary world , It eases the tensions in muscles  and  the heart. 

The research is carried out on a group of volunteers by Consultancy Mind lab  International at the university of Sussex. dedicate Researches have found that Nature boosts the learning abilities of children. .They have found that nature boosts learning in eight different distinct ways.  It has a rejuvenating effect on attention , easing out stress , boosting self discipline ,increasing physical activity  and fitness ,  improving motivation ,engagement and enjoyment. These days teachers are using Apps , Websites  and software inside the classroom to connect with students with live technology.

vais je rencontrer l'amour gratuit Reading is a hobby , every person should have it. you can choose any type of  medium  for it. Parents should  try to  inculcate the habit  once the child is born. Initially they should read some stories and can notice  child’s interest..Reading should not be limited to only  fictions . It can be news papers , informative books  ,  journals  facts and figures etc  .

address Language savvy parents have always  children of good reading skills and more attentive to children when they read out   loudly ,  which in turn helps reading development. Teachers and Parents  , who understands the language complexity are able to spot the difficulties and explain them. Besides that teachers with high reading skill are better equipped to offer feedback to their students.

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