Fun facts

Tashigang , in the forbidding  cold desert  of Spiti  in Himachal  Pradesh  , India ,  at the height of 15,256 ft  has been declared as the  highest polling station in the world . 

he said Japan’s Shirakawa -go a UNESCO world Heritage site , features a cutting-edge solution to tackle fire. The traditional farm houses feature a spout that sprays water in case a home bursts into flames.

mujeres solteras hungria Do you know Mexico launches plan to save Vaquita (Spanish for little cow ) Porpoise Marine Reserve. It  (last 10 remaining )  is World’s most endangered Marine Mammal with buoys ,endemic to the northern part of the gulf of California. servicio de citas en lГ­nea gratuito - Kangaroos are the only large animals that move by hopping.  They can swim A male kangaroo is called a boomer ,a female is called a flyer and a baby kangaroo is called a joey. They use their tails for balancing while jumping. They can not hop backwards. They can jump up to three times of their height. They can live to the age of 6.

find out Banging your heads against a wall burns 150 calories an hour

femme serieuse cherche homme pour mariage algerie  Paper bags aren’t any better for the environment than plastic ones.

rencontre gratuit sans carte  The last letter added to the English alphabet wasn’t Z — it was the letter J

rencontre valais Canadians say “sorry” so much that The Apology Act was passed in 2009, declaring that an apology can’t be used as evidence of admission of guilt.

sites Mother’s Day was quite literally invented to be anti-commercialism. There are trees that can grow more than one kind of fruit, and they’re called fruit salad trees.

 T-shirts were originally marketed to unmarried men who didn’t know how to sew buttons back on collared shirts by themselves.

Reed Hastings was inspired to start Netflix after racking up a $40 late fee on a VHS copy of Apollo 13.

The Indian national  Kabaddi Team represents India in international kabaddi competitions. They have won gold medals in all the Asian Games to date, and they have won all World Cup events so far. India  have recently won Asian Kabaddi Championship 2017  defeating Pakistan in final by 36-22 under the captaincy of Ajay Thakur

In just every species of Mammal , The female leaves longer than male.

The Bolivian salt flats when covered in very clear water , makes the largest natural mirror in the world .NASA also tends to use this mirror  landscape  to figure out the positioning of their satellites. 

Finally a  Juliet was found  for World’s loneliest frog Romeo .  Almost a year after  conservationists sent out a plea to  help a species of a Bolivian aquatic frog by finding a mate for the last remaining member , Romeo has finally tracked down deep inside a cloud forest. They also found another four members of the  Sehuencas   water frog species , boosting hopes to save the tiny amphibians from extinction.

The World’s oldest man  Masazo  Nonaka  died at his home  in northern  Japan peacefully at the age of 113.

BOO”  The World’s cutest dog died  of  broken heart . The teddy bear like small animal  was a social media star with a 16 million followers  on Face book account specially dedicated to him.

Positano  ( A village on the Amalfic Coast ) part of Compania  region of southern part of Italy was named  after a painting was washed ashore from a pirate ship. 

Clint  Masse ,  a Canadian has been entered into Guinnes  World Record by creating the world’s largest snow maze.  It took him six weeks and 150 semi – truck  of loads  of snow and 12 people working full time to build the maze , which stretches to 2,789,11 square meters  in St Adolphe , Manitoba . It takes  about 30 minutes to walk through  and has kept fire pits to keep people warm.