Fresh Facts

China inaugurated  recently  the starfish airport in Beijing , the World’s  biggest terminal  . It will handle 72 million passengers in a year . It was built in less then five years and a total cost of $17 billion . 

simulate Aarohi   Pandit  is the only woman in the world to cross the Atlantic Ocean , Solo – in a LSA (Light  Sport  Aircraft) delegate US  has become the  largest Yoga Practising country outside India .

serve buy doxycycline online World’s largest plane takes Flight —  The gigantic ,six-engine mega jet with the  wingspan of an American football field  made its first test flight over the mojave desert  in California. It was  built by Stratolaunch  , the company set up by late Microsoft co -founder PaulAllen in 2011. 

Israel Researches have discovered the world’s largest salt cave  The  10 km of passages and chambers inside Malham cave  overlooking the dead sea. 

tail buy zyban uk Australia,s most loved , awarded and largest festival of  light ,music and ideas in the Southern  Hemisphere will ignite the Harbour city this winter from May 24th  to June 15th 2015.

xalatan eye drops price Shanghai becomes the World’s 1st district with 5G network. – It has become the world’s  first district using both 5G coverage  and broadband gigabit network . It is the next generation of cellular technology with download speed that are 10 to 100 times faster than 4G network.

1  A masterful Swimming pool painting by  British legend  by David Hockney sold for $90.3 million in New York on Thursday, smashing a new auction record for a living Artist. Portrait of an Artist(pool with two figures) was snapped up after nine minutes of Bidding.

2 The largest collection of miniature books consists of 3,137 unique books and belongs to Sathar  Adhoor (India). 3)The   first humanoid robot  —  Sophia was introduced  to world  by  David Hanson  Jr  . Sophia is  an artificial  intelligence  (AI) robot  , who looks like  Audrey  Hepburn , mimics human expressions and even tells jokes . She is also the first robot  to be granted citizenship  in Saudi  Arabia .

4) For first time NASA spaceship  begins orbit of an Asteroid .  A NASA spacecraft set a new milestone on 31st December  in cosmic exploration by entering orbit around an asteroid , Bennu ,the smallest object ever to be circled by a spaceship .  It is the first ever US mission  is designed to  visit an asteroid and return a sample of dust back to earth.

5)  partnervermittlung friedrich gmbh The Czech capital Prague  has experienced its hottest since records started in 1775.  In 2018 the weather institute said that the annual temperature was 12.8 Celsius .

The previous record was 12.5 Celsius  in Prague in 2014 and 2015. The Hydro-meteorological Institute has noted that with average day time temp hitting 22.7 Celsius

. Braille technology  firm builds agence rencontre grenoble “Kindle  for the Blind ”  :  A A  British  company plans to launch  a  Braille e  -reader  for blind people this year  that should greatly enhance their reading experience . rencontres hommes sourds Bristol  Braille Technology  new ‘ Kindle for blind ‘ — CANUTE 360  is the world’s first multi – line  braille e-reader ,displays nine lines of text at a time. Any text that  has been translated into  Braille format  can be downloaded  into the Canute ,potentially putting an endless supply of  reading material at the user,s fingertips.

histoire d une rencontre amoureuse China   germinates first seed on moon  . This is the first  time that a Chinese  lunar lander said ,  a small green shoot of a cotton seed  is growing on the moon . The ability to grow plants on the Moon  is an integral part for further long term space  mission.

First Indian Father-Daughter Duo  on Mount Everest  :  Ajeet Bajaj ,  50 with daughter  Deeya  ,  24 scaled Mount Everest  from  Tibet. They are the first father daughter  to climb the peak from the harder north side.

More Info Longest Flute Recital  :  Ananthakrishnan  SR from  Thiruvananthapuram  played the flute for 33.38 hours from 6.30 am on July 13, 2017 to 6.30 pm on July 14 , 2017  in Thrissur  with a break of 2.19 hours. 

Do you know that Bees are also  brainy. They can also do simple maths. A small brain  may not been low intelligence.

Abu Dhabi  adopts Hindi as 3rd official  court language : Abu Dhabi  has included Hindi as the third official language  used in its courts  , alongside  Arabic and English.

The  World’s biggest bee -roughly the size of human thumb  has been rediscovered  in a remote part of Indonesia  after 40 years .  It was discovered in the 19th century  by British Naturalistic Alfred Russel Wallace  and nicknamed as “flying  bulldog” — in the wild since 1981. The Global wildlife  Conservation said  that it is very beautiful and big. The sound of the giant wing was just incredible. On February 2019  Israel sends World’s first largely privately funded mission to moon.If the landing is successful , Israel becomes the fourth nation of soft land on Moon , after Soviet Union ,US and China .  

rencontre discrete avec femme mariee Finland gets the  World’s first Green Icebreaker — The Baltic  Icebreaker  Polaris , The World’s first  to run on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) — a lower carbon alternative to the diesel  fuel  which powers most  large ships . 

Spain is named as world’s healthiest country _ Spain and Italy have grabbed the  two top spots  in the list of the healthiest countries in the world.

An over 5000 year old  linen dress was recently confirmed as the oldest woven garment. It is called as  Tarkhan Dress  named for the Tarkhan cemetery.  .  It was excavated  in south of Cairo in Egypt . The V-neck dress is at the University College London (UCL) ‘ s Petrie Museum of Egyptian  Archaeology  with its flair fibre linen stitched carefully over a modern silk shirt.